Version Names

Current Version: “Matsya 1.0”

Matsya 1.0 is the first alpha version of our website. In Matsya 1.0 version we are on testing and stabilizing phase of the website. Few more standard changes could be made in this version soon. All the changes, new & old features would be listed here.

Later we will release our next Version called Kurma 2.0 with upgraded UI and Features.

For features suggestions please drop a comment below.

What Current version “Matsya 1.0” included?

What nomenclature structure do we follow?

Business is completely made in India. The website name is english but in case of naming the version we decided to name version based on something powerful and important.

We thought naming it after God would be better idea same as the Indian Army & other Indian Governmental projects are named after god or something historic names which looks appealing and strong.

We named versions of our website after Top 10 commonly know Avtar of Lord Vishnu. It is named as per their incarnation sequence. Here are the list of incarnation that are going to use as a version name.

भगवान विष्णु के दस अवतार हैं :

  1. मत्स्य (Matsya)
  2. कूर्म (Kurma)
  3. वराह (Varah)
  4. नरसिंह (Narsimha)
  5. वामन (Vaman)
  6. परशुराम (Parshuram)
  7. राम (Ram)
  8. कृष्ण (Krishna)
  9. गौतम बुद्ध (Gautam Buddha)
  10. कल्कि (Kalki)


For any suggestions, query, guidance drop a comment below.

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